Why we like Ramsey Coote Alarms

  • Ramsey Coote bell-pad bedwetting alarms are backed by clinical research*, used by our District Health Boards and recommended by Doctors throughout New Zealand.
  • Ramsey Coote bell-pad alarms are very safe, robust and reliable. They are classified as biomedical devices and have been engineered to the highest standard after many years of research with a class 1 medical device classification (Australian Standard 2394).  The alarm is never directly connected to mains electricity while the alarm is operational (only battery power is used at this stage).
  • LOUD & BRIGHT: When the alarm goes off it emits a very loud, high-frequency bell noise to arouse even very deep sleeping children and an LED light comes on to clearly show where the alarm ‘off’ switch is.
  • COMFORTABLE: The bed-pad is large and made of soft, rubber with rebated sensors so the child can comfortably maintain a regular sleep routine – they are free to roll around.
  • TRACK PROGRESS: It’s easy to see improvement as the size of the wet patches on the bed-pad decrease in size. All of our Ramsey Coote Bedwetting Alarms have the additional feature of a counter that measures how long it takes the child to switch the alarm off.  This can be particularly motivating for many children as they try to ‘beat the clock’.
  • EASY: The easy operation of the alarm is simple for the child to use.
  • LOW MAINTENANCE: The alarm unit only needs charging once a week.
  • *Enuresis management in Australian children – a retrospective review of 3,512 treatments with bell and pad alarm’. Published in the Journal of Paediatrics in 2017.

Alarm Hire & Fees

Our Ramsey Coote Bedwetting Alarms are available for hire only, throughout New Zealand.  We will ask you to sign a rental bond form as the alarms are expensive to replace.

The initial hire fee is $160.00 (incl GST); this is for the first 4 week period plus the courier cost (please contact us for a courier quote, pick up from Grey Lynn, Auckland is free).  Each additional week is $30.00 (incl GST)

The cost of our Hello Dry Nights ‘Stop Bedwetting’ programme and our support is included in these fees.  We will regularly check in with you and your child and tweak the programme as necessary to suit your individual needs.

Once your child has been dry for 21 consecutive nights (14 nights using the alarm and 7 without) you can then courier the machine in all its packaging back to us and stop the automatic payment.