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Is your child scared of school camp or not wanting to go on sleepovers because they are worried they will wet the bed?  Are they starting to lose confidence in themselves?  Are you tired of washing sheets everyday and worried about your child?

We know the detrimental impact bedwetting (Nocturnal Enuresis) can have on a child’s confidence and the stress it can cause to parents and caregivers, so we provide the products and training programmes to help the thousands of bedwetting children in New Zealand wake up dry.

Stop Bedwetting

Our Stop Bedwetting programme is as little as four weeks long and offers a step by step process to help your child wake in a dry bed.  We use bedwetting alarms as training aids for our programme.

Support 24/7

Ongoing support and guidance throughout your child’s journey to dry nights

Waterproof Bedding

New Zealand’s award-winning Brolly Sheets, in our opinion, the best in waterproof bedding. 

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How do Bedwetting
Alarms Stop Bedwetting?

Through a learning process called conditioning, the alarm teaches the child’s subconscious reflex system in the brain to become aware that the bladder is full and they should wake up and go to the toilet, or hold on for the night whilst asleep by contracting the sphincter muscle.  Conditioning is learning to react to a feeling without thinking.  Practitioners across New Zealand have used this bedwetting treatment for many years due to its high level of success.  It is important that the child is motivated, fully understands the process and has the support of their family.

How do Bedwetting
Alarms Work?

  • Set up the alarm before going to bed
  • When your child wets the bed the alarm will sound
  • They will turn the alarm off and go to the toilet.  They need to be fully awake to learn.
  • They clean up the bed (some with parents help), reset the alarm and hop back into bed.
  • After 21 consecutive dry nights (14 nights with the alarm and 7 without) they are considered dry sleepers.


Happy Families

Lauren - Wellington

“Thanks so much for offering such a wonderful service.  Our 9 year old son is absolutely stoked and proud of his progress (as he should be).  This programme has been fantastic for him.  I think initially we were sceptical but were willing to give it a go.  We are pleased that it helped him get over this and so quickly.  I only wish we started it sooner.” 


Jennifer - Auckland

“Thanks so much for being so approachable and for all your support throughout the process.  It has really made a difference, if we were doing it without you I don’t think we would have had the same success.  You always had a lovely way of putting things and plenty of support material.  The storybook about camp was great as were the pictures about the brain and the bladder learning to talk to one another and then guiding us through that final stage.” 


Mandy - Auckland

“The Ramsey Coote alarm was a total success for our 10-year-old son. He was wetting the bed most nights. We had tried smaller alarms with a bit of success, but given he was such a heavy sleeper, he would often sleep right through it. We had a deadline of 3 months before a trip away, so I decided to try the Ramsey Coote alarm. It was definitely worth the investment and, within 2 months, my son was completely dry. The alarm hire, resources supplied and tips ensured that my son took full responsibility for what he needed to do in order for the alarm to work as effectively as possible.  As he became dry again, we noticed a real change in his behaviour for the better and, throughout the household as everyone was getting more sleep! I would thoroughly recommend this programme to any family needing a very effective method to curb their child’s bedwetting.”  

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